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Teclock - Dial thickness gauge 
SM-112, SM-528, SM-114, SM-124, SM-124, SM-120, SM-130, SFM-627, TPM-116, TPM-617, TPM-618, SM-112, SM-528, SM-114, SM-124, SM-124, SM-120, SM-130
  • Dial thickness gauge can measure thickness of things such as steel, lens, rubber, plastic, paper, felt, hair in actual dimension.
  • Gauge head and anvil are superior for anti-abrasion and stained as they are made of ceramic.
  • Shape of gauge head and anvil are standard type and 3 types of LS, LW, 3A are available. Standard measuring ability is less than terminal pressure 2.5N, but ................................ SM-112-80g/SM-528-80g) of terminal pressure around 0.8N (Approx 80gf) is also available.
Model : SM-112, SM112LS, SM-112LW, SM-112-3A, SM-112-80g, SM-112P, SM-112-FE, SM-112-AT, SM-528, SM-528LS, SM-528LW, SM-528-3A, SM-528-80g, SM-528FE, SM-114, SM-114LS, SM-114LW, SM-114P, SM-123, SM-124, SM-124LS, SM-124LW, SM-130, SM-130LS, SM-130LW, SM-1201, SM-1201LS, SM-1201LW

Teclock - Swift Gauge
  • This is held and measured with upper top point depressed.
Model : SFM-627


Teclock - Dial pipe gauge
  • This is specialized instrument which measures radial thickness of pipe, curved plate thickness. 
  • Radial thickness can be measured up to minimum diameter Ø3.5mm
Model : TPM-116


Teclock - Digital thickness gauge
  • 2 types of digital thickness gauge are available, of which minimum readable figure are 0.01mm and 0.001mm.
  • Measured data can be printed out and statistical calculated data can betreated, with connected to optional digital mini printer SD-763N.
  • LS,LW and 3A type are available for each model code and anvil and gauge head of special shape are produced.
  • special specification of >>>>> are available. Please inquire in detail to each sales outlet.
Model : SMD-540S, SMD-540S-LS, SMD-540S-LW, SMD-540S-3A, SMD-550S, SMD-550S-LS, SMD-550S-LW, SMD-550S-3A, SMD-540, SMD-550, SMD-565, SMD-565L, SMD-130




Teclock - Fixed pressure thickness measuring instrument compliance with JIS
Thickness measuring method for tested piece used fro physical test such as rubber, heat plasticity elastomer, plastic film, cloth, textile, leathers, are ruled in detail by JIS or ISO standard. PG/PF series are digital type measuring thickness instrument in compliance with these major standard.
Stand type ( stationary terminal ) and frame type (handy) are available which are used for not only test / study division , but also quality control and production line.

  Strong point
  • Wide range of line-up complying with various standard of the field.
  • High accuracy digital type with weight type for all the versions realizing stable static load, which is not got by analog type utilizing gears or springs.
  • PG series uses micro-granite which is superior for anti-abrasion , anti medicine , anti-impact in addition to high unstriated for measurable table. It can avoid scratches and stains for metal.
  • Stainless steel is used for gauge head and anvil (excluding partial thing). Anti-oxygen, anti-alkalies, water resistance are improved.
  • This makes treating statistics of measured data possible with connected to optional printer SD-763N.
  • Gauge head and measured pressure can be changed.
  PG series
(stand type)
  This is the measuring instrument of thickness in accordance with A law of measuring thickness which is ruled in physical test method general rule of rubber and heat plasticity rubber.
This is sheet block compatible type which can measure both of thickness of test piece from solidarity of less than IRHD 35 and above 35. Diameter of gauge head is 5mm and pressure can be changed only by desorbing weight balance.

Model : PG-01, PG-02, PG-11, PG-12, PG-13, PG-14, PG-15, PG-16, PG-17, PG-18, PG-20
  PF series
(frame type)
  • High power aluminum is used for the material of gauge head (including anvil) PG-11 PF-1.
  • Gauge head material of other models are stainless.
  • PG-13 and PF-13 can be used as less than LRHD 35 of law JSK 6250A.
Model : PF-01, PF-02, PF-11, PF-12, PF-13, PF-14, PF-15, PF-16, PF-17, PF-18







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