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Universal Length Measuring machine (ULM)




The well-established ULM universal length measuring instruments are standard quality assurance instruments in industrial manufacturing environments and reference instruments for gage and test equipment calibration. They are used for high-precision length measurements on precision parts such as gears, journals, ball hubs, ball cages, ball rings, tapers, gear shafts etc. and for checking gages and test equipment. These instruments are available for several measuring ranges (300 mm to 1500 mm/11.81 in to 59 in), in various accuracy classes (0.3 μm or 0.09 μm/ 11.8 μin to 3.5 μin) and with the measuring system arranged in a number of different ways (in the measuring element or base or as a laser). This means that the right measuring instrument can be selected for each and every application. The varied sets of accessories and components are available as modules which also enables subsequent instrument additions.
• Plain plug and ring gages
• Setting rings
• Snap gages
• Spherical gages, gages for deep bores
• Gage blocks
• Thread gages
• Taper thread gages
• Spline gages
• Dial indicators
• Dial comparators
• 2-point internal measuring instruments
• Micrometers
• 2-point inside micrometers





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