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Mahr - MarGage 426A (3 wires)

  • Designed to be suspended over a test specimen
  • Set consists of 3 pin gages
  • Manufacturing tolerance ± 0.5 μm
  • Pin gage length: 32 mm
  • For determining pitch diameter of external threads according to the three wire method

Mahr - MarGage 426M (3 wires use with Mahr Micrometer)
  • For determining the pitch diameter of external threads by the three wire method
  • In conjunction with inside micrometers, indicating measuring instruments or measuring machines
  • Each pair consists of one holder with 1 pin gage and one holder with 2 pin gages
  • Holder has a satin chrome finish
  • With the retainer ring locked, the measuring spindle can still rotate
  • Pin gages are hardened and lapped
  • Pin gages freely float in holder to allow proper positioning and contact with thread flanks
  • Manufacturing tolerance ± 0.5 μm
  • Mounting bore 6.35 mm = 1/4”, 8 mm on request
  • For threads with outside diameter up to 95 mm

Mahr 426M recommended to use with Mahr Micrometer 40EWRi-L as video clip below;

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