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Calibration with Cert.17025, please contact us



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Calibration with Cert. 17025 (ISO/IEC)



Contour Measuring Machine  Roughness Measuring Machine  Roundness Measuring Machine


Profile Projector /

Video Measuring Machine


Universal Measuring Machine (ULM)


Dial Gauge Calibrator






Calibration with Cert. 17025 (ISO/IEC)

Mahr - Data transfer (Free Software) Mahr - Digital Caliper
Mahr - Digital micrometer
Mahr - Digital Indicator 1086R 1087R

Mahr - Millimess Dial Comparator

Mahr - Three Wires 426A  426M


Mahr - Digital Indicator 1087BRi

Mahr - Digital Comparator Maxum III

 Mahr-Digital Test Indicator 800EW/800EWL

Mahr - Indicating Plug Gages 844D

Mahr - Self-Centering Bore Gages 844K

Mahr - Comparator Stands 820


Mahr - Mobile Surface Roughness Tester



Mahr - Height Gage 816CL, 817CLM


Mahr - Ring Gage 355E

 Mahr - Air gages

Mahr - Air gages


TecLock - Dial Indicator

 TecLock - Test Indicator
TecLock - Thickness Gauges

TecLock - Depth Gauges
TecLock - Caliper Gauges

TecLock - Durometer




Square gauge Rectangular gauge Square pin    

 Made to order, Rectangular plug gauge, Rectangular pin gauge, Reversible plug gauge

with or without Cert. ISO/IEC 17025



ปลั๊กเกจ, พินเกจ, บอลเกจ


Calibration with Cert. 17025 (ISO/IEC)

Pin gage, ball gage


Standard pin gauge

Made to order : Plug gauge, Pin gauge, Ball gauge, Reversible pin gauge 

with or without Cert. ISO/IEC 17025



 Pin gauge handle, Pin gauge holder, Pin vise, Single endPin gauge handle, Pin gauge holder, Pin vise, Double endPin gauge handle, Pin gauge holder, Pin vise, Collet

 Pin holder, Pin handle, Pin vise : Standard size from 0.5 to 12.5 mm.



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