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Teclock - Durometer
(Rubber, plastic hardness tester)

These durometers comply with ISO, ASTM, DIN and JIS K 6253(new JIS). There are three different type of durometers corresponding to different degrees of hardness.

  • This is TECLOCK original standard Durometers. The measurement of hardness for difficult materials (thin rubber sheet etc) can be applied easily now and could secure approximated hardness value of Type A by using a indenter height shortened and weaker spring force.
  • Type A (Shore A), the most common or central durometer,is used to measure medium hardness
  • Type D (Shore D) durometer is used to measure super hard rubber that has a reading ofmore than 90 points when measuring with a Type A durometer.
  • Type C for lower hardness is ASKER C. GS-701N(G) is same with ASKER C Durometer and comply with JIS 6050 standard (measurement hardness of eraser).
  • Type E durometer is used to measure soft rubber that has a reading of less than 20 points when measured with a Type A durometer. ISO7619 refers to the Type E as the Type AO durometer.
  •  Type FO is used for measurement of Sponge and foam materials
  • Other types of durometer, Please contact us.

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