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MarSurf CD140 Contour Measurement






The MarSurf CD140 provides you with everything you need to move into Mahr’s top-flight contour metrology. This PC-based unit supplies all the required contour measurement and evaluation features both in the inspection room and on the shop floor. Clear, well-arranged icons and straightforward aids to operation make this practical product easy to use. The MarSurf CD140 is the fruit of decades of contour metrology experience combined with up-to-the-minute, forward-looking technology. MarSurf CD140 is Mahr’s future-focused contour evaluation software. Mahr have 2 models, MarSurf CD140 for 140mm. tranversing lenght and MarSurf CD280 for 280mm. tranversing lenght.

   User-friendly software platform features.

KN100 Contour standard

Contour result

With MarWin sorfware platform, Evaluation can be performed immidiately after measurement. Storing the profile data, evaluation, results, and the entire program as a QE (Quick & Easy) offer the possibility of permanent document. A complete record with the key text and evaluation contents is entered in the "Measuring record" menu by the operator.

We can design couture measuring machine to suit your workpiece as picture below


Mahr MarSurf XC2 with special granite base

Application for : Crank Shaft, Cam Shaft, Cylinder Block, Cylinder Head

Mahr MarSurf Contour CD140 with special base and fixture

Mahr MarSurf CD140

Application for Differential Carrier, Differential Case, Cover parts


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