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Teclock - Dial depth gauge

  • Measuring range 5mm, 10mm, 20mm, 30mm
  • Dial depth gauge can be used to measure depth and steps of work and thickness of paint membrane
Model : DM-210, DM-211, DM-213, DM-214, DM-250, DM-251, DM-252, DM-220, DM-221, DM-223, DM-224, DM-230, DM-233, DM-234, DM-210P, DM-250P, DM-223P, DM-224P, DM-273, DM-280, DM-283, DM-293, DM-264

Teclock - Digital depth gauge

  • Digital depth gauge is utilized to measure depth and steps of work.
  • This can print out measured data and treat statistics calculation by connected to the optional digital mini printer SD-763N.
Model : DMD-210S, DMD-211S, DMD-213S, DMD-250S, DMD-252S, DMD-2100S, DMD-2110S, DMD-2130S, DMD-2500S, DMD-2520S, DMD-210, DMD-211, DMD-213, DMD-214, DMD-215, DMD-240, DMD-241, DMD-293, DMD-2100, DMD-2150, DMD-2400, DMD-2410









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