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Teclock - Inner dial caliper gauge

  • This gauge is designed for use in measuring deep internal diameter of bores of castings etc, and for internal reading in fabrications.
  • Clearance has been provided for use in recessed bores. The convenient retraction lever allows one-hand operation.
Model : IM-1, IM-2, IM-4, IM-5
  • This is inner caliper gauge to measure inner diameter of cylinder type work and inner ditch diameter. It can measure ditch diameter of “0” ring by modifying gauge head.
  • Set dimension within ±1mm ( indication range 2mm) can be comparatively measured (880 series) by alternatively using auxiliary alternative gauge head in accordance with measured dimension.
  • Please set standard dimension within measuring range with micro-meter or ring gauge.
  • Alternative gauge head can be specially ordered. Please inquire with each sales outlet.
Model : IM-880, IM-881, IM-882
  • This is convenient handy type to measure narrow ditch width.
  • Hard metal is used for gauge head edge, which is less abrasion.
  • This is central 2 hands type model to measure absolute figure easily.
Model : IM-807, IM-815, IM-820, IM-830

Teclock - Outer dial caliper gauge
  • This is effective to measure large and thick object which is difficult to measure and outer dimension of irregular shape products. Please select according to shape and measuring depth.
  • Minimum indication figure is 2 types of 0.1mm and 0.01mm.
  • Special order can be produced.
Model : GM-1, GM-2, GM-3, GM-8, GM-9, GM-11, GM-20, GM-21, GM-22, GMD-1, GMD-2, GMD-8
  • Overall length of GM-3 is large as 635mm.




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